Gran Ducay

Gran Ducay is an Aragonese cava, or sparkling wine, that is made using the traditional method involving a second fermentation in the bottle, which protects its 100% quality as a limited edition craft wine, just like in the times when it was made purely for the consumption of the winery’s 700 associates.

Gran Ducay is produced from grapes grown in the region known as Monte Ducay, which is one of the most characteristic terroirs in Cariñena and highly valued for its soil. This is the place that gives the winery its name and from where some of its most emblematic wines are created.

Gran Ducay is a brut nature cava that comes in three formats: whiterosé, and reserva, all of which have enjoyed great prestige in international competitions and specialist publications on account of their excellent combination of taste, aroma and bubbles.

Gran Ducay “Brut Nature” Cava

Made from three traditional varieties of grapes: MacabeoXarel.lo and Parellada, which produce a fresh and elegant cava, with a fine bubble characteristic of the most excellent of sparkling wines.

It is exquisite and well-balanced on the palate, making it the ideal option to accompany all types of appetizers.

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Gran Ducay “Brut Nature” Cava Rosé

Made with a selection of our best Garnacha (grenache) varietals, this brut is synonymous with quality and elegance.

It is amazingly fruity, making it an exclusive sparkling wine because of its limited edition of 7,500 bottles a year.

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Gran Ducay “Brut Nature” Cava Reserva

Gran Ducay Brut Nature Reserva is cava par excellence, the perfect combination of the flavours of the three traditional grapes with the aromas from the yeasts produced by aging for 15 months in the bottle in the silent underground cellars of the winery.

An elegant, complex cava, of high quality and expression, perfect for toasting those very special occasions.

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